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The Watch Hill Lighthouse, located on a peninsula in southeastern Rhode Island, is managed by the Watch Hill Lighthouse Keepers Association under a mandate from the United States Coast Guard. The mission of the association is to preserve and protect this historical landmark.

The Lighthouse can be accessed by foot via a private road and is open from 8AM to sunset throughout the year. Vehicles are permitted only for the handicapped and senior citizens. Parking is available in the village of Watch Hill, a short walk from Larkin Road which provides access to the Lighthouse property. The Lighthouse itself and its adjacent structures are restricted to the public. However, our museum is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 1-3 pm in July and August and through the week after Labor Day.

The use of fires and grills, consumption of alcoholic beverages, athletic endeavors such as ball or frisbee playing and the launching of watercraft are strictly prohibited. Visiting dogs must be leashed. Sanitary facilities are not available. The property is regularly patrolled by the Westerly Police Department and a private security force. The Lighthouse surroundings are rocky and dangerous, and visitors are cautioned that they proceed at their own risk.

Download our Lighthouse and WHLKA history book (published 1988)

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